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Football & Fellowship


The Football and Fellowship group meet every Wednesday night at 8.30 pm.  Membership is made up of committed Church members and those with no connections to any Church.  Every night starts and finishes with prayer.  We also have an epilogue or a time of reflection.  We have found by sharing our thoughts and life stories with each other, close friendships are formed and we can share God’s welcome by caring and helping in a practical way.

FOOTBALL & FELLOWSHIP will be playing a friendly match against  Movilla Pres. Church on Monday 18th June at 7 pm. Come along  to Londonderry Park and support the team.



The football and fellowship group was started some 8 years ago to encourage the missing generation to get involved in Church life. We have been greatly blessed and humbled to be part of the leadership team of this group. We have met many different young adults during this time, some have been coming the full 8 years, others less, some have just joined recently. All have been treated respectfully no matter what their circumstances. Sport is a fantastic way of getting to know people. We thank God for the trust and strong bonds of friendship which have been formed. Many of our members now have jobs, partners and are parents. This has not just happened by chance but through the many people in Strean who pray faithfully for our group.

We give thanks for another successful year. The outdoor matches proved very successful again beating Ballyholme Presbyterian twice, beating Movilla COI but unfortunately loosing on penalties to Granshaw after a very exciting and close encounter (2 each).

A special thanks to our Strean members who come along weekly to share in this outreach/ministry. Thanks to those who assist by opening or closing in prayer or sharing a thought.

The future – please pray for health and strength to continue this ministry and that the seeds that are sown in these young lives can bear fruit.


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