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Girls Brigade


77th Newtownards Girls Brigade Company meets in Strean Church Halls on a Monday evening during term-time.

All worship services, organisations and other activities are cancelled until further notice.  Click here for the full Covid-19 announcement.

The Girls Brigade is a Christian youth organisation for girls of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. A varied programme of fun activities is offered, designed to educate, challenge and inspire young girls in a safe environment of Christian teaching. The programme is split into 4 main areas: Spiritual; Physical; Educational and Service.

We have 76 girls and 16 leaders enrolled in the Company.


Captains Report 2018

In April this year we celebrated our 70th Anniversary Display. Over the years many girls and Officers (and 8 Captains) have passed through the Company and we are delighted that we continue to thrive and reach out to girls in our area. Although many things have changed in 70 years we continue to centre our thoughts on Hebrews 13 v 8: ‘Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever’.

We wish all those past and present Captains, Officers and girls well and pray that the Company will continue to help girls to… Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

‘Thank You’ to all our parents for encouraging your daughters to come along each week, we are extremely grateful to you for your interest and support.  They are a fantastic group of girls and are a credit to you!

A varied programme encompassing the four areas of Badgework (Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Service) is undertaken each year.  Girls then work towards gaining their badges in the appropriate section.



The attendance award is earned by following the regulations set by GBHQ, i.e. during each G.B. session; the Explorer Section must attend for at least 19 weeks and the Company Section girls for 22 weeks.

Neatness & Attendance

This is based on the attendance and uniform marks each week.

All of our girls are very smart in their uniforms and so from necessity we need to be very exact when marking them.   A mark would be deducted if, for example a girl did not have her complete uniform on or was wearing a non-uniform item.


This is for overall performance each Monday night in all parts of the programme and reflects each girl’s participation and enthusiasm.

Squad Cup

The Squad Cup is awarded to the Squad who have attained the highest score over the whole session taken from the Neatness & Attendance marks.


Scripture Course

All of our girls take part in the GBHQ scripture course and in 2017-2018  the course was called ‘Moses and God’s Rescue Plan’. We all love to go on journeys.  No doubt if I were to ask you to tell me about a memorable journey you have been on you could spend all day reliving some good and also some not so good journeys.

Moses and God’s people, the Israelites were no exception.  This year during Scripture Class the girls went on the journey with Moses from his birth to his leading his people out of slavery in Egypt through the wilderness towards the Promised Land. 

The course has just finished this session and we are extremely grateful to Kirsty Patton, Rachel Cairns, Charlotte Cunningham and Lynn Cairns who led the girls each week.


G.B. Week raised £1195.00 and our thanks go to all who contributed.  Assessment fees and subscriptions amounting to £1068.43 were sent to Girls’ Brigade Headquarters.

Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed our ‘Breakfast Fry Up’ at the end of GB week in February. We raised a net total of £434.58, which will be used towards Company funds.

The girls collect their spare change for charity and bring it along each week. Our congregation also join in and hand over their change as well!  The total raised to date this year is £400, which will be donated to ‘Fields of Life’, who in partnership with GBNI are raising funds to build a new school in Kisoro, Uganda.

We are more than happy to continue receiving your ‘odds’ – these can be brought to G.B.  any Monday night. 


Congratulations to Erin Hiles and Kaitlyn Coffey who received their ‘Brigaders Brooch’ at the annual display in April this year. The Brigader programme is centred on achievement of the Brigader Brooch and is the highest Company award a girl can gain. Congratulations also to Charmaine Clint who received her 10 year Officers Brooch.

Finally, to everyone who has supported us in any way, we extend our thanks.  Please continue to encourage and support us in your prayers. 

Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.


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