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Our Mission

We are one of 545 congregations within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and one of seven Presbyterian churches in the town of Newtownards County Down. 

Mission Statement:

"To know Jesus Christ and to let His Light Shine."


  1. Sharing a living faith in Him, and growing in that faith through discipleship, spiritual growth, Bible teaching and prayer

  2. Lovingly care for each other and reaching out with the good news of the Gospel

"That our Father in heaven might be glorified.​" Matthew 5:16

A Short History of Strean Church

The Founding of Strean Presbyterian Church

Strean Presbyterian Church was built in 1867 when Thomas Strean provided the money for the local community to form a new congregation and centre for worship in the thriving market town of Newtownards. 

Whilst Strean Presbyterian Church is known throughout North Down for our beautiful Gothic-style church made from Scrabo stone, our congregation formed before the founding stone of our church was even set. 

Our congregation first met in 1865 in the local Market House (now the Town Hall in Conway Square).  

Supporting our Congregation and Community

Ever since this time, Strean Church has been a central place of worship for members of our congregation, travelling from across County Down. 

From Horatio Bonar who preached the sermon when the church first opened, to Eric Liddell who preached here in the 1920s, to all 9 Ministers who have preached the sermon here.

Each have played a role in supporting the community of Newtownards, especially when we think about events that the congregation has had to overcome, such as the devastation to the building from an IRA bomb planted in Newtownards town centre in July 1993. 

The interior of the building was destroyed with around £250,000 damage being done. The newly restored building was opened in March 1995.

Strean Presbyterian Today

Strean exists today as part of the worldwide family of God, committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, worshipping, serving and learning in a loving church community, and seeking to advance the gospel in the town of Newtownards and in the wider world. For a long period of time now, Strean has sought to work alongside other churches and organisations in the mission God has given us.

Strean and GDPR compliance

Click the below links to download Strean Church's policies related to GDPR.

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